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Traveling is my favorite. I make videos for the YouTube. Designer. My viewers are my besties and I love them 5ever :)


Za, Christian, Dj Tay James, Scooter, Fredo, Ashley, all liked Justin’s picture that he uploaded of him and Sel with Jaxon and Jazzy♥ 


I’m so glad this was said! Let him live his life he doesn’t have to do things according to how you want it done, his fans try and control a lot of things he does, who he dates, who he hangs out with, what he wears, what type of music to put out, if he should or shouldn’t be with Selena it’s annoying. It’s like having millions of parents telling you what do. I know a lot of you love him but let him live. If toy truly cared you would!


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Most Beautiful From Child Stars to Grown-up Beauties


She started out on Barney & Friends in 2001. Flash forward 11 years later, Gomez showed her range in a risqué role in Spring Breakers, which has become a cult classic.



Check out our exclusive behind the scenes photos of Selena Gomez at the NEO Summer 2014 shoot. For more about the collection see


@adidasNEOLabel: Of course our #WCW goes out to this rockstar, our favorite, @selenagomez


April 23: Justin at Wendy’s in Tokyo